Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Read: Naver Line Webtoon

I love reading. 
Novels, comics, blog posts, magazines, ebooks, webtoons, anything.
Sometimes I'm too lazy to bring reading materials in my bag,
but thankfully now you can read almost anything on your phone.
Lately I read a lot of webtoons (web cartoons).
You can install Line Webtoon on your phone
and read various webtoons for free.
There are a lot of genres, and you can pick your favorites to get notification when they're updated.

Popular webtoon The Sound of Your Heart (마음의 소리) by Cho Seok.

You can also read them on your computer.
There are some languages to choose: English, Indonesian, Thai, or Chinese.

Or if you understand Korean, you can read them here.

Some of my favorite webtoons:
About Death by Sini & Hyeono. (completed)
The Girl from Class by Subong Park. (completed)
Smile Brush by waroo. (completed)
The Sound of Your Heart by Cho Seok. (ongoing)
Lookism by Taejoon Park. (ongoing)

Some dramas and movies are adapted from popular webtoons.
Cheese in the Trap, one of the most popular ongoing dramas is based on webtoon with the same title.
Cheese in the Trap (tvN's drama)

Cheese in the Trap (webtoon by soonkki)

Naver Line Webtoon releases a lot of cute merchandise too.
There are lots of characters so you can pick your favorites!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get the Look: Striped Baby

oh so cute! (via Pinterest)

My best friend has a baby girl. I was going to meet her & her baby girl so I decided to buy some clothes for the tiny baby. Actually this is the first time I buy clothes for baby, so I don't know what to get, so before going to the shop I go to... Pinterest. Ha!

striped babies!

I decided to buy some striped dress because babies in stripes are the cutest! 

Only Rp 190.000 for 3 dresses~ which makes me wonder if baby clothes are cheaper because they require less fabric...

Well, we met for dinner and my friend said they're cute (phew~) but too big for her baby hahaha. So I have to wait several months until I can get some pics of her baby in those dresses.

How to get there:

PB shop
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 659
Totogan Jl. Garuda

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sketchbook to Buy: XL Aquarelle from Canson

When I studied architecture in college, I used some types of papers: Padalarang paper for pencil sketches (it's called Padalarang paper because the paper factory is located in Padalarang), Manila paper for ink sketches, and Concord or Canson paper for watercolor drawings. I love Canson the most but it's more expensive than the rest. We used to bought a pack consists of 4 sheets of A3. 

Some time ago I spotted an art supplies store "Artemedia" at Festival Citylink, Bandung. They sell some kinds of sketchbooks so I decided to buy one of the most expensive sketchbooks I've ever bought in my life, XL AQUARELLE from Canson. 

The sketchbook costs Rp 102.000 (A4) and Rp 172.000 (A3). Each has 30 sheets of 140 lb paper, so it's thick enough to make watercolor drawings.

I love the texture of the paper and it's also nice for pencil & colored pencil drawings.

So, I love it. Even it's more expensive than my previous ones, it makes drawing more fun because I can try various art medium without damaging the paper.

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