Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Place to Visit: Fuku Ramen, Bandung

Fuku Ramen is a small Japanese ramen shop located on Jalan Pasirkaliki 71A, Bandung.

Small but nice and comfy~

Fuku Chicken Chashu Ramen Rp 37000
Hot ocha (refill) Rp 3000 (or even free if you tweet something about them!)

This is what I ordered. Fuku Chicken Chashu Ramen. There are some slices of chicken chashu, soft boiled egg, cloud ear fungus, nori (I wish they would put more because I love nori), scallion, and, of course, ramen, in delicious chicken stock. Good news, the chicken stock is not too greasy!

I also ordered Chicken Karaage Mayonnaise (Rp 17000), didn't take pic because it arrived when I was too busy eating. You have to agree that fried food is a nice company when eating a bowl of soft ramen.

I had a nice lunch, the weather was pretty cold that day, so going there was a perfect decision. But after eating something hot, I always crave for something cold. Talk about balance. And also we always that empty space for dessert in our tummies, right? Right?

So, of course I had to order ogura ice cream. I had a happy smile on my face when leaving the place.

Note: There isn't a lot of parking space, so... get in one car and visit the place right now!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Place to Visit: Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, Cisarua, Lembang

Hello, world! It's been forever!

Lately I'm occupied with many things, I almost forget I have a blog. Long story short, I quit my job and together with a close friend, we establish an architecture and design firm. There are some projects to handle right now, so (thankfully) we're quite busy, but very happy.

I really enjoy my job but of course, I still need leisure time! About two weeks ago my friends and I went to a place called Dusun Bambu (means Bamboo Village) Family Leisure Park , located in Cisarua Lembang.

You can find more information on their website, what I want to say is: the place is stunningly beautiful! I'll just let these pics speak for themselves.

Embracing the nature. Embraced by nature.


More bamboo. This is the food market.

The food market entrance. You can buy some traditional snack here.

The view from the food market.

What you see when you turn your head.

Follow him the path...

Follow the path and look around. You're surrounded by beauty.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

Sitting by the campfire because it was so cold. There are actually so many places to explore but it was already too dark. I need to go there again one day!

Oh, several things you need to know, you need to pay ticket at the entrance (Rp 15000 / person + Rp 10000 / car), and you can exchange the ticket with a bottled mineral water. Let's hope they'll pick something greener soon. Haha. You also need to exchange your money with monopoly money (totally looks like it) if you want to buy food at the food court. There are also a market, camping ground, luxurious *coughexpensivecough* restaurant, hotel, and more.

Grab your camera, put on your jacket and visit Dusun Bambu with your loved ones, you'll love it!
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