Saturday, June 22, 2013

Korean Drama to Watch: I Hear Your Voice

Okay, I know I should drop this post 3 weeks ago while it was still hot, but honestly I'm watching too many ongoing dramas so I thought I'll save this for later. However, this drama gets high ratings and I become curious... In my previous post I stated that there are no ongoing dramas I really like at the moment so I decided to give this drama a try.

Damn. I should've watched this drama weeks ago! Why did I wait so long and watch those weird dramas instead?

Okay, let's just stop blaming myself and start talking about the drama.

I Hear Your Voice. This is what the superhuman (or superhero) in this drama says. If you watched School 2013, you must recognize this face:

Model and Actor Lee Jong Suk

... or you may know him as Go Nam Soon from School 2013. His fans must be happy because he made a comeback not so long after his previous drama ended. Just like in School 2013, in this drama Lee Jong Suk becomes a student, named Park Soo Ha... but wait, he has a special ability to read hear people's mind. 

It all started when he had a car accident when he was little, he hurt his head and when the other driver got out of his car, Soo Ha suddenly heard what the driver was thinking: it's not an accident, he crashed his car to kill Soo Ha's dad. Soo Ha's dad was still alive but then the driver killed him in front of Soo Ha. Just when the driver tried to kill Soo Ha too, he spotted two girls seeing the incident so the killer left Soo Ha and went to catch them. The killer threatened them but then one of the girls stood out as a witness in the court and the killer ended up in prison.

The brave girl's name Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young). Soo Ha felt really grateful and promised to protect her. About ten years passed and Jang Hye Sung is now a public defendant, while Soo Ha is a student. Soo Ha kept looking for Hye Sung until one day he finally found her...

I love the story and the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young, and even though they're 10 years apart (what?) but they look nice together.

They look like sister and brother... even their smiles look alike.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly watch the drama and let's go crazy about this drama together!^^

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