Friday, December 28, 2012

Randomly Doing Random New Things

Merry Christmas! HO HO HO!
And also happy holidays. What’s your plan?

Lately I’ve been doing some new random things. I have so much fun.
First, I learn calligraphy. I made these birthday cards for my friends. They were disappointed. True story.

Second, I learn caricature. It’s because my friend wanted to give his senior a happy-resign gift, and he asked me whether I can make caricature. Actually, I don’t. I love drawing and painting, but never made caricature before. But well, I decided to try. I used watercolor on canson paper. This is the result. I won’t be there when he gives this to his senior, but I hope there will be no disappointed face. Amen.

And the last random thing is: I learn origami. Okay, this is way too random, but I saw a diagram to make a pretty flower from a piece of paper. It was pretty complicated at the first try, but finally I made it! Cute, right? I’m gonna make some more and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers. No, it's not a promise.

I made them from used paper (Go, Green, go!) and painted them. I took a photo of my watercolor and the palettes. I never washed them. Tips: just let it dry, you only need to drop some water the next time.

Well, enjoy your holiday by randomly doing random new things! I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with what you can (or can’t) do! J

Monday, December 17, 2012

Full House Take 2 Wallpapers

I’ve put up a lot of posts about Full House Take 2. I think this will be the last. These are some nice pictures from the drama.

First, this is the leading actor, No Min Woo, wearing the cat costume from Lee Tae Ik’s fan. He sneezes a lot because of the fur, but it’s worth it. Cutest cat ever?

 And I thought I was a dog person.

I love dramas with happy endings. For me, sad dramas are okay if they end happily. Full House Take 2 ends happily, except for Lee Tae Ik’s mom who’s forgotten. She’s still in Japan, right? Let’s just assume she’s happy too. One thing for sure: Tae Ik and Jang Man are happy.

Yay for Tae Ik and Jang Man! But if you’re Won Kang Hwi’s fan, well, at least he’s not blind. Do you think he’ll finally fall for Ga Ryeong? J

You can use them as wallpapers but since I captured them while watching the dramas, the resolution is rather low. Sorry L Don’t worry, they work just fine for your mobile phone. So… Enjoy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Korean Dramas to Watch

Full Hose Take 2 has come to an end! Honestly I'm pretty disappointed at how the story develops, but well, it's not like I don't enjoy it at all. Now that Tae Ik and Jang Man live happily ever after, I need to find another couple to root for. I mean another Korean Drama.

These last few weeks I've been watching I Miss You (Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho - I have to mention him because he's super cute), and the drama is great. I can see the scenario is well written and the story is well planned, and I find myself looking forward to the next episode every week.

However the drama is a a serious one, with many conflicts and problems, so if you have enough problems yourself, just try another drama which is more entertaining. Kekeke..

And there's another new drama I'd like to recommend: Cheongdamdong Alice (Park Si Hoo and Moon Geun Yeong). I've seen the first 4 episodes, and so far, so good.

Although it's another story about a rich man and a poor woman, I think this drama is somehow different than the others. I don't want to spoil it, so you better see for yourself. It's a funny-and-sad kind of drama.

The chemistry between the Moon Geun Yeong and Park Si Hoo is also *****. No, it's not a curse word, I give them 5 stars. They look cute together.

Okay, I hope you (and I) will enjoy these dramas!
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