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Man to Adore: So Ji Sub (Part 1)

If you're maybe one of the rare regular visitors of this blog, you must have known that I adore So Ji Sub. I've talked about So Ji Sub so many times before The Master's Sun, before he becomes the most wanted ahjussi hottie in South Korea. Now that he becomes one, I feel like I need to write a "So Ji Sub Special", for the sake of his new fans. (Where have you been, girls? But it's okay, it's not too late to know him now.)

So Ji Sub | Vivien

This is So Ji Sub. He's in mid 30s (what!?) and he gets more gorgeous as he gets older..., actually he looks like he doesn't age. He gets younger.

Who is So Ji Sub? Most people may know him as an actor, but wait, he's also a rapper, photographer, cafe owner... okay I'll get to that later. I'll talk about Actor So Ji Sub first.

Before becoming Joo-goon, So Ji Sub has acted in many dramas and films. In this post, I will only talk about the ones I've seen. I first saw him in Glass Slippers (2002). I did't actually watch the drama, I just sometimes took a glance while my parents were watching it every night in the living room. I was 14 and dolls seemed more interesting than hot ahjussis, but I somehow remember him and instantly recognized him when I saw I'm Sorry I Love You later.

So Ji Sub | Glass Slippers

In Glass Slippers, he acted as a "Bruce Lee wannabe", covered in bruises all the time, has no money (Dramaland's unspoken rule #1: men who aren't bloody rich have to be good at fighting), and loves a woman. That's all I can remember. Maybe I should find the drama and watch it later.

So Ji Sub | I'm Sorry I Love You

In I'm Sorry I Love You (2004), he became the most unfortunate man in the world. [Spoiler!] Abandoned by his mother, shot in the head protecting his ex-girlfriend who's marrying someone else, given only several months to live, fell in love with a woman who loved his step brother, and when the woman finally fell for him, he died. And then the woman killed herself. I can hardly remember any happy scenes from the drama, I was crying inside all the time. Even the rare happy scenes made me cry too. The only happy thing is you can see a lot of half naked So Ji Sub here. Yes, it's definitely something to be happy about. I'm watching the drama again because it's been 9 years... and I'm still crying over this poor man.

So Ji Sub | Cain and Abel

And then there is Cain and Abel (2009). So Ji Sub, as a doctor. I'll hang out at the hospital every day.

So Ji Sub | Cain and Abel

Everyone who says that Gong Hyo jin is the luckiest actress may not know Han Ji Min. Well, Gong Hyo Jin has had her hand on Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub, but Han Ji Min got Eric Mun (twice!) and So Ji Sub. Han Ji Min definitely wins this round, because Eric Mun even risked his life to save her from a freaky accident while filming Wolf (2006) and then she met a hot doctor, Lee Cho In in Cain and Abel. There was even marriage rumor between So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min at that time because of the chemistry between them.

So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min

I also tried to watch Road No. 1 (2010). Until this day I haven't finished it. Maybe I just don't really into guns and tanks. And his face is covered in mud all the time. So Ji Sub holding gun looks sexy though.

So Ji Sub | Road No. 1

The drama was about Korean war, starring So ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Kye Sang.

So Ji Sub | Road No. 1

Next on the list is...

So Ji Sub | Ghost

Ghost / Phantom (2012). It's a good drama, with awesome plot, brilliantly planned, and has so many twists. If you love drama about investigation, criminal case, etc, you should check this out. If you love So Ji Sub in black suit, you really shouldn't miss this one. But if you're looking for romance, this is not the one for you, you should just watch him in...

So Ji Sub | The Master's Sun

The Master's Sun (2013). This is So Ji Sub's latest drama. Written by Hong Sisters, this is guaranteed to make your heart flutter. In this drama, he acted as Joo-goon. He's a rich CEO of Kingdom Company, but that's not why our leading actress, Gong Hyo Jin as Tae-yang, is attracted to him. She sees him as something else, a ghost repellent. She can see ghost, but when she touches him, POOF!, the ghosts disappear. And now every woman wants to touch him too. We don't need that since we (mostly?) can't see ghost, but I'm sure touching So Ji Sub will make all our problems disappear.

So Ji Sub | The Master's Sun

This ongoing drama is hilarious, romantic, spooky, funny, sad, a full packaged drama. One of the best drama I've seen so far. There are also so many quotable lines and cute moments you're gonna remember for a long time.

Because people don't really like reading long post I'm lazy, I'll continue with his movies and other projects in another post.. 

Don't forget to watch Tha Master's Sun new episode tonight... and Happy Chuseok!

Update: Part 2 here.


  1. Nice summary of Jisub's casting projects~! A few thing you might want to add to your list would be that he started off as a model, his blood-brother (foster brother) is Song Seung Heon, he love and is influence by Hip-hop music, he mananges himself and CEO of 51K, his English name is SONICK (SO from his last name and NICK from from his first dog), also.. he's known and nickname "SO GANJI" by the media and industry for his fashion and model work. In addition, two drama that should be in your list or for you to watch ^^ where he also had a break through from are "What Happen in Bali" with Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung and "Dating Now" with Cha Rim & Kwon Sang Woo, these two drama series are a Jisub Classic. Last info ^^ is that YOUNGSOSA is the name of his fan club which started in 1997 with his career ♥♥♥♥

    1. Thank you, you must be a big fan of him.. I want to write more about him too, his movies, his mini series, his songs, his cafe, his photo-essay book (he's so talented, So Ganji indeed), and also the luckiest dog on earth Kiki, but the post is too long already. So in this post I just wrote about his dramas I've watched, and maybe I'll talk about other things in other posts.
      And thank you so much for your recommendation, I always want to watch What Happened in Bali but I also know that the ending will break my heart so I keep putting it off. After watching the two dramas I'll update this post. Thank you again :)

  2. does he have a girlfriend? i read on google he is getting marry is that true?

  3. I watched almost all his dramas and movies but Master sun is the best of SJS for me..I really enjoyed his acting even when he was having a monologue..i wish he would act more in this genre..

  4. Hello, i'm korean middle school student,,,, and even though all of my friends fell into latest K-pop stars, I feel in love to So Ji Sub, even though So ji sub and my age gap is over 22 years, I still love So ji Sub... I'm glad that many foreign fans love So Ji Sub,, and I'm thankful to all of you.... Moreover, i've enjoyed your posting very well, i was searching for interesting postings about So Ji sub, and I think i eventually found it now,,,right here! I really appreciate you of producing these kind of great postings and loving So Ji Sub all the time....SO JI SUB FOREVER!!!!!!

  5. incidentally, i just rave about SJS too! you are right. he's the hottest oppa in town.

  6. wow, you put a lot of effort on this and i thanked you for having such a power to do this.. i enjoyed reading each line such things like this, especially we both like this actor, have seen him in glass slipper, what happens in bali also,and so on... i like the way he delivers his emotion, it's like one look in his eyes it consists a lot to speak... well, anyway, i congratulate you for making such interesting to read on with all the pictures you put on,, it's NOT boring and mostly NOT a waste of time reading your blog. I do enjoyed it so much.. please continue making such wonderful pieces like this.. you did it well.. CONGRATULATIONS! ;-)

  7. Master's Sun is the best Korean drama for me! So Ji Sub-oppa is great. I fell in love with him! I wish I can meet him in person.. saranghae oppa!

  8. hi im midnight solitaire and i just found this blog accidentally..i cant imagine myself doing such thing like this.surfing nd searching about so in philippines the master's sun korean novela is on tv at around 10.10pm in d evening monday to sat.honestly i dont wacth tv coz i blieve that its just wasting time until i saw this drama and d actor so ji-sub it was fun 8 used to wacth dat every night and think about so ji sub time to time.its like dreaming to d 1 the master sun here hope he can visit here in phils im sorry i love u hahaha.inspired.

  9. Can you guys (fans from korea) request for "the master's sun part 2" please??? I want moooooooreeee and I know guys that you also want a part 2 lol but isnt heart fulfilling if theres a part 2 gaaaaah!! I want a part 2 so so baaaad :((( miss them both tsk!

  10. Thank you for posting these blogs. It seems that we, who are very fond of SJS are growing in numbers. I maybe too old to be a fan of this beautiful man, but, Im sure i know how to appreciate beauty.

  11. Ahhhh happened to see this post about So Ji Sub. Glass Slippers was my first drama too! Really like him ever since. Can't wait to meet him next week! Yoohoo!


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