Thursday, May 30, 2013

K-Drama to Watch: Cyrano Dating Agency

Make way for the latest drama from tvN’s oh! boy series, Cyrano Dating Agency! This Monday-Tuesday drama started this week and everyone has big anticipation!

After Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Flower Boy Next Door (<my favorite), now we have flower boys (and an ahjussi) who work as cupids. I mean the work in a dating agency called Cyrano, trying to help their clients to find love using various (read: strange) ways and methods.

Let me introduce you to the main characters of this drama:

Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk)
Seo Byung Hoon used to be a director and now has a lot of debt he needs to pay. He is now the leader of Cyrano Agency.
This is the one ahjussi that I just mentioned. Unlike the previous three dramas from this oh! boy series, this drama’s main character is not a boy, but a gentleman. I mean he’s one of the gentlemen from drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, Lee Jung Rok.

Gong Min Young (SNSD’s Choi Soo Young)
Gong Min Young worked in a dating agency but she’s fired because she matched two clients with different ‘classes’. She’s hired by Seo Byung Hoon and now works at Cyrano Agency.
The dramas from oh! boy series are all popular among girls. But because of Soo Young, I’m sure this drama will also be popular among boys (and ahjussis).

Cha Seung Won Pyo (Lee Chun Hee)
Cha Seung Pyo is the owner of a restaurant next to Cyrano Agency.
Clumsy Chun Hee, or you may know him as Chunderella from Family Outing, is back. His image in my mind is totally ruined because of Family Outing, and just looking at him makes me laugh. Maybe this drama will somehow restore his image? Keke.

This drama is a prequel of a Korean movie titled “Cyrano Agency” (2010). I haven’t watched the movie so I can’t give any comments or compare one with the other. I have only watched the first episode of this drama, and what actually attracts me is not the story nor the casts, but the music!

If you watch “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “King of Dramas”, or maybe “7th Grade Civil Servant”, I’m sure you know big bAby driver, awesome indie musician from South Korea. I recognized her music and her sweet voice and I asked whether it’s really her, and she said yes. (follow her on twitter @BigBabyDriver and tumblr)

What I love about her songs is their ability to affect your mood, and unsurprisingly, her new song is also really nice but it’s not released yet, so let’s just wait. Meanwhile, watch the first episode of the drama and listen to the song played when Cha Seung Pyo (Lee Chun Hee) is cooking at his restaurant.

Ah, I'm also surprised seeing so many familiar faces appear as cameo for this drama. (Ji Jin Hee ahjussi! I miss you!)

I’m going to watch the second episode now so… Bye!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea

TVXQ's U-Know Younho, Lee Da Hae, Kim Bum, Park Si Hoo, Han Chae Young, and all Big Bang members in one movie? No, this is not a fanmade, this is an actual movie from 2010.

This movie is made to promote Korea's tourism: nature, beautiful scenery, delicious food, handsome stranger on a train (?), idols on ATVs (?). Well, well, I can't say this movie has great story, I don't even know what Big Bang members' role in this, and in addition to that, Han Chae Young & Park Si Hoo's story is basically a horrible version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but this movie will be a 30 minutes vacation for your eyes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ongoing K-Dramas I'm Watching

Annyeong, korean dramas lovers. I realize that lately I never write about k-dramas in my blog, and all my posts are mostly about my paintings and fangirling over Shinhwa. I’m still obsessed with their vogue dance. OMG OMG OMG Eric Eric Eric. He totally nailed the dance. Even his 2:8 hair can't bother me.  (I’m sorry, this should be for another post)

Not that I stopped watching k-dramas, it’s just there are no dramas good enough to talk about. The last great drama I watch is That Winter The Wind Blows, and no, it’s not because of Jo In Sung, the drama itself is beautiful, the cinematography is one of my favorite, the story is heartbreakingwarming, the casts are great (Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, Jung Eun Ji), and Jo In Sung is so hot. (okay, okay, it’s partly because of Jo In Sung)

Even though lately all dramas I’m watching (in my opinion) is so-so, not so bad not so good, when I get home after work, too tired to do anything but not tired enough to go to bed, I often end up watching dramas. And, because my blog lacks of k-dramas reviews lately (not that anyone would notice), I decide to write about some ongoing dramas I’m watching.

Hundred Year Inheritance

This is a looong~ drama with 50 episodes and I have reached episode... 40. What? I just realized that it’s going to end soon. Initially I was going to give up watching this family drama because of this crazy evil monster mother in law.

I hate dramas where the antagonist is super evil and the protagonist is super kind but I eventually watch every episode of this drama, while doing this and that. The first two episodes are too extreme but this drama gets better if you're just patient enough to keep going.

Well, I have to admit that I originally watch this drama because of Lee Jung Jin. I really like his previous drama 9 End 2 Outs, and eventhough sometimes I wonder ‘When did he get this old?’, I’m still admiring him. I love how the main characters fall in love with each other in this drama, also Lee Jung Jin and Eugene Lee Se Yoon and Min Chae Won look good together.

Gu Family Book

This one has high ratings in Korea, but I’m not really into it, I’m not sure why. Lee Seung Gi and Suzy have a lot of fans, maybe this is why this drama is loved by so many people. But seeing Suzy in this drama makes me think she is a good actress and she’ll get even better, because I don’t think she’s this good when watching her in Dream High and Big. Lee Seung Gi? He’s as awesome as usual, except when he’s transforming into a green eyed monster with robot voice. Plus, I love the songs in this drama.

Lee Seung Gi still can't beat Song Joong Ki as my favorite half-human-half-monster. Well, who can?

Yea, noone can.

Nail Shop Paris

I have only watched the first two episodes of this drama, and I said… what the *beep* did I just watch? But, okay, I’ll watch two more episodes and then decide whether I’ll continue watching the drama.
The drama reminds me of Coffee Prince, a girl pretending to be a boy to work in a coffee shop as a manicurist because she wants to get close with a boy who’s working there. Wait, it’s not Coffee Prince, maybe it’s more like Hanakimi (J-drama), or maybe you know the remake: To The Beautiful You.
And just like those two dramas, there are a lot of flower boys in Nail Shop Paris. 

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

To the Beautiful You

The difference is: there are a gumiho and horny ghost involved in this drama. Yes, you read that right.

You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin

IU proves that she’s not only a great singer but also a great actress. I love IU’s voice more than her friend Suzy, but I can’t really tell which has better acting skill. You decide.
If in Dream High IU becomes a singer (of course she does a great job, she just needs to be herself), in this drama she becomes a hard working girl who wants to be an actress. This drama has 50 episodes and I’ve been watching 20 episodes, and so far I think it’s well made and consistent, almost all the characters have stories to tell so it’s like watching some mini dramas. There are some boring parts and I don't really look forward to next episode every week, but it’s still pretty fun to watch. Especially when this couple appear on the screen.

So, which dramas are you watching?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lee Jung Jin

I first saw him in the drama 9 End 2 Outs and then the award winning movie Pieta, and recently I'm watching Hundred Years Inheritance. He's Actor Lee Jung Jin! (@runjungjin). He's a great actor, always challenge himself with various characters and it makes you think whether he has multiple personality disorder. That's a compliment, he's that good.

So, as I always want to paint someone I admire, this time I made a caricature drawing for Lee Jung Jin.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Legendary Shinhwa is Back! (Shinhwa - This Love lyrics)

I'm so excited!!!
And last night I finally finished painting all Shinhwa members! This is just me trying to support and welcome their 11th album "The Classic".

Every brush stroke is filled with prayer so they're going to have a successful comeback. Keke~
We live for this... LOVE! (This part of the new single is stuck in my head already)

And finally they released the MV for This Love!
It really is something new because they do "Voguing Dance" in this MV... They always challenge themselves with something new, and I just want to say that this new MV is simply AWESOME! Check it out!

Hangeul & Romanization:

The Red Light 멈춰버린 시간 속 너만의 향기
The Red Light meomchwobeorin sigan sok neomanye hyanggi
깨지 않을 꿈결처럼 점점 더 빠져들어
kkaeji anheul kkumgyeolcheoreom jeomjeom deo ppajyeodeureo

The Green Light 미쳐버린 난 너에게 질주할까
The Green Light michyeobeorin nan neoege jiljuhalkka
터질 듯한 심장소린 너에게만 뛰고 있어
teojil deuthan simjangsorin neoegeman ttwigo isseo

Like Satellites And Shooting Stars 태양을 본 별처럼
Like Satellites And Shooting Stars tae yangeul bon byeolcheoroem
니 주위를 돌고 돌아 뜨거워도 다가가
ni juwireul dolgo dora tteugeowodo dagaga
널 마침내 안고서 (Holding Your Heart) 눈부시게 타올라
neol machimnae angoseo (Holding Your Heart) nunbushige taolla

We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love

The firelight 불타버린 눈빛에 갇힌 순간
The firelight boltabeorin nunbite gadhin sungan
날 깨워 줄 한 번의 키스, 온 세상을 다 가질 것 같아
nal kkaewo jul han beonye kiseu, onsesangeul da gajil geot kata

Like Satellites And Shootings Stars 꽃잎을 본 벌처럼
Like Satellites And Shootings Stars kkotipeul bon beolcheoreom
니 주위를 돌고 돌아 거침없이 다가가
bi juwireul dolgo dora geochimeobsi dagaga
널 마침내 안고서 (Holding Your Heart) 저 높이 날아 올라
neol machimnae angoseo (Holding Your Heart) jeo nopi nara olla

We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love

I can’t get enough, I can’t get off of your love
난 너의 사랑 없이는 못 살아 중독되는 걸
nan neoye sarang eobsineun mot sara jungdokdweneun geol
눈 깜빡 할 사이 I’m by your side, 입 맞춰보면 I Feel so high
nun kkamppak hal sai I'm by your side, ib matchwibomyeon I feel so high

(We live for this love)

너라는 solar system 안에 나는 shooting star, 끌려가, 거부할 수 없는 black hole,
neoraneun solar system ane naneun shooting star, kkeullyeoga geobuhal su eobneun black hole,
It’s automatic systematic in this universe 
네게 이끌려가 거부 할 수 없는 black hole
nege ikkeullyeoga geobu hal su eobneun black hole

Everytime I Count 1 2 3
우릴 둘러싼 세계가 멈추지
uril dulleossan segyega meomchuji
두근댄 비트에 맞추고
dugeundaen biteue matchugo

We live for this love (Everytime I Count 1 2 3)
We live for this love 
(우린 끝없이 사랑을 꿈꾸지)
(Uri kkeuteobsi sarangeul kkumkuji)
We live for this love

꿈속에도 깨어나도 언제나 곁에 있어
kkumsokedo kkaeeonado eonjena gyeote isseo
두려워 마 내 손 잡아 내가 널 지켜줄게
duryeowo ma nae son jaba naega neol jikyeojulge

English translation:
Your scent in The Red Light of frozen time
Fall deeper into it like a dream you can't escape

Should I speed toward you like crazy in The Green Light
My thumping heart beats only for you

Like Satellites And Shootings Stars, like a star looking at the sun
Spinning aroung you, even it's hot keep getting closer to you
I finally hold you (Holding Your Heart) and burn birghtly

We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love

The moment trapped in the burning firelight of your gaze
One kiss to wake me up, it feels like the whole world is mine

Like Satellites And Shootings Stars, like a bee seeing a flower
Spinning around you, getting closer to you without a second thought
I finally hold you (Holding Your Heart) and fly so high

We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love (nanana nana nanana)
We live for this love

I can’t get enough, I can’t get off of your love
I can't live without your love I'm addicted to it
I blink my eyes and I'm by your side, when our lips touch I Feel so high

(We live for this love)

In the solar system of love I'm a shooting star, I'm drawn to you, an unavoidable black hole,
It's automatic systematic in this universe I'm drawn to you, an unavoidable black hole

Everytime I count 1 2 3
The world around us stops
Matching to the thumping beat

We live for this love (Everytime I Count 1 2 3)
We live for this love (We endlessly dream of love)
We live for this love

Even when I'm dreaming, even when I'm awake, I'll always be by your side
Don't be afraid, take my  hand, I'll protect you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cha Seung Won

Made this caricature painting for Cha Seung Won, my favorite actor. Cha Seung Won will be back soon with a new movie, "High Heels" as a detective. I really can't wait!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shinhwa's Eric

Made 6 painting these past three days, and two of them are Eric's. Keke. Totally obsessed with him, the nonsensical guy who has 4D personality. He's so weird but he never fails to charm people as the best leader of all Korean idol groups, the leader of Shinhwa who's making a comeback soon with their 11th album The Classic. Shinhwa has been together for 15 years now, with the same members when they debuted in 1998, and they're still going strong. Shinhwa jjang! Eric leader-nim jjang!

One of Eric's favorite pose. "Eric jjang!"

The second painting is Eric at Roygen signing event a while ago~
I put the painting on my binder.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Life Lately

Hello! It's been a while since my last post. There are a lot of things I've been doing:

First, I took a Japanese Cooking Class by Chef Makoto Miyamaguchi from (of course) Japan. There were about 100 participants, and the chef taught us how to make Dragon Roll Sushi, Tempura, Tuna Tataki, and Chicken Katsu. The recipes were printed out before and distributed when we arrived. Then, the chef starts cooking, telling us what to do and not to do in Japanese language, accompanied by a translator, MC, and another Indonesian chef. I was busy writing and scribbling and doodling~

After watching the demonstration, we were divided into smaller groups and we tried to make the dish.

Sorry for the mess. Haha. I need to make them again soon before I forgot what I've learned.

Second, I have a lot of puppy time.

The dog at my workplace got puppies! They're so adorable. Instead of working I spend so much time playing with them. Keke.

Any name ideas for the cute puppies? ^^

Third, I've been making more caricature paintings for my friends...

My desk is such a mess~

And, I've been watching Shinhwa Broadcast and their other videos all the time... I'm not actually into Kpop and boy bands (I love Kdrama and Running Man though), but... it's Shinhwa. Shinhwa is just different. They live up to their name, Shinhwa, meaning Legend. They're the longest running Korean boy band, and I'm pretty sure they will always be because they promised to be together as Shinhwa until for.e.ver. Yes, forever.

It's been 15 years since they debuted in 1998, they never disband and they never change members. You can see how much they value each others, how much they love their fans (Shinhwa Changjo), and moreover, they're hilarious. And the more you know them, the more you'll love them. I really can't wait for their 11th album, The Classic. It's coming SOON! (May 16th)

*update: the teaser is out: watch here!

And this is a random photo of Jco and bunny hanging out in my back yard~

Have a nice weekend!

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