Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Project #2: Dog Shirt

Several days ago I welcomed a new dog into my life. Say Hello to JCo, my cute Pomeranian!

His previous owner trimmed his hair. He seems cold, so I tried to make a shirt for him. What do you think?

Making a shirt for your dog is very easy and it takes only about an hour. I didn’t use sewing machine. If you do, I’m sure it’ll be done faster. I’m not really good at sewing, but simple stitches work just fine for this.
I was lazy to measure JCo first, so the shirt is a little too big. If you want to make this, don’t forget to measure your dog first and then scale the pattern.

Good luck!

(Patterns are adapted from here)

*Update: Hello again! I've grown my fur! ^^


  1. JCo is absolutely adorable and looks like a very happy fur baby =)

  2. thank really helped me in my Home Economics Project...God Bless


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