Friday, March 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Flower Boy Next Door

I hate goodbye. But the flower boy next door has moved so I can no longer peep into his apartment.

Okay, I'm sorry. That was too much. I mean the drama "Flower Boy Next Door" has come to an end so I need to move on to another drama.

Goodbye, Flower Boy Next Door, goodbye, cute Yoon Shi Yoon ~

The flower boy becomes an Italian mafia

The drama (spoiler alert!) ends happily (of course). Go Dok Mi becomes Enrique Geum's world, and Enrique becomes Go Dok Mi's world. And the other characters find their own happiness too... Everybody's happy. So, yay!

One person cannot change the world.
But you can become the world for someone.
A warm, bright, and peaceful world.
If everyone can be such a world to one person
one will become ten people,
and then a hundred.
The world will be full of happy people then.

Enrique's world, Go Dok Mi.
Go Dok Mi's world, Enrique.

Ah~ so happy~~ 
Have you found that someone who becomes your world?

And the special thing about this drama is there are a lot of nice monologues and dialogues, which are rarely found in other Korean dramas :)

Love is giving up half of yourself and filling it up with someone's half.
Love is two incomplete halves coming together.
- Enrique Geum

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