Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Place to Visit: Fuku Ramen, Bandung

Fuku Ramen is a small Japanese ramen shop located on Jalan Pasirkaliki 71A, Bandung.

Small but nice and comfy~

Fuku Chicken Chashu Ramen Rp 37000
Hot ocha (refill) Rp 3000 (or even free if you tweet something about them!)

This is what I ordered. Fuku Chicken Chashu Ramen. There are some slices of chicken chashu, soft boiled egg, cloud ear fungus, nori (I wish they would put more because I love nori), scallion, and, of course, ramen, in delicious chicken stock. Good news, the chicken stock is not too greasy!

I also ordered Chicken Karaage Mayonnaise (Rp 17000), didn't take pic because it arrived when I was too busy eating. You have to agree that fried food is a nice company when eating a bowl of soft ramen.

I had a nice lunch, the weather was pretty cold that day, so going there was a perfect decision. But after eating something hot, I always crave for something cold. Talk about balance. And also we always that empty space for dessert in our tummies, right? Right?

So, of course I had to order ogura ice cream. I had a happy smile on my face when leaving the place.

Note: There isn't a lot of parking space, so... get in one car and visit the place right now!

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