Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DIY to Do: Hand Painted Tote Bag

Since "plastic bag free world" gets famous, you can spot tote bags everywhere. You can get it easily, even for free sometimes. I have several plain tote bags and decided to draw something on one of it. Why don't you (or your kids, yes, it's that easy) draw on yours too?

What you need:
  • plain tote bag
  • pencil and fabricolor pens


Decide what you want to draw on your tote bag. The simpler, the better, unless you're Picasso. I pick black and white Totoro since I only have black pens.

Put a magazine in the tote bag and start drawing. Use pencil for the sketch, and use technicolor pens for the outline & coloring.

Iron the tote bag to make the ink permanent & washable. And voila, it's done!

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