Thursday, May 19, 2016

Place to Visit: NuArt Sculpture Park, Bandung

Do you like art? I don't know much about art and looking at them makes me feel amazed and (most of the time) confused, but trying to find the meaning behind them is an enjoyable (and sometimes funny) experience. If you live in Bandung, maybe you've visited Nuart Sculpture Park at Setra Duta Residence before. Or maybe you know about that place but never had the chance, or the will, to visit. Well, you should.

The weather was so hot several days ago, and I had just visited a project site at Setra Duta. It was lunch time so I decided to find something to eat before the next site visit. I decided to go to the restaurant in Nuart Sculpture Park. It's a wonder that the place has its own weather, maybe because they have a lot of trees? It felt so cool, the wind was blowing nicely, it really is a perfect place to go when the hot weather is torturing you.

yes it's a whale in a garden

The restaurant serves Balinese food. You can sit at the terrace and look at the sculpture park below.

You can take a walk at the park (it's free!) appreciating the mesmerizing sculptures by Nyoman Nuarta, or visit the gallery (it's also free!).

I saw a coffee shop sign "Brass & Copper" - which are the materials used to make the some of the sculptures - but it's not open yet (brewing soon).

Nuart Sculpture Park
Jl. Sutra Duta Kencana II/11, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40151
P. 62 22 2017812, 2017816, 2020414 | F. 62 22 201 56 | e-mail :

PS: finally got my caffeine dose for that day after the second site project visit, at Caribou Coffee PVJ.


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