Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Lately

Hello, people! I'm enjoying my holidays~ and I this past few days I've visited some places in my city, Bandung. A few weeks ago I saw a new coffee shop not too far from my house and it looks welcoming (I looove coffee), so I decided to go there with my brother. The place is called Noah's Barn Coffeenery (, located on Jl. Garuda no. 39. The coffee tastes great, they used brown sugar, and the coffee art is cute. They also provide magazine and free wi-fi. The place is a pretty small, but it's gonna be expanded soon, which is a good news, because I love it there.

Noah's Barn Coffeenery

I also went to an Italian restaurant called Fashion Pasta, Resor Dago Pakar no. 18A. The place is nice, so my friends and I took a lot of photos there. We ordered cream pudding and pizza, and spent a few hours chatting and reading magazines.

Fashion Pasta

After that we went to DOO BEE DOO House of Ribs at Paskal Hypersquare... Yumm!

DOO BEE DOO House of Ribs

In my spare time, I tried to draw So Ji Sub (again), and it finally looks like him, right? Haha! I think I'm obsessed!

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