Friday, August 24, 2012

To Love or To Be Loved

I have a question. Which one do you choose?
  1. To love more 
  2. To be loved more 
Most people will say, I want to love as much as I am love. I want to be loved as much as I love. But unfortunately, that’s impossible. And people then will choose no. 2: to be loved more.

Now let me tell you a story.

A woman loves a man, and one day she starts thinking, “How much does he love me? Does he love me as much as I love him?”

She starts paying attention in everything he does, how he treats her, how he reacts to everything she says, and he does this to guess how much he loves her. And then, there will be 2 possibilities:

First, she thinks her man loves her more than she loves him. And it feels okay for her.

Second, she thinks she gives more love to her man more than she receives. In this case, she becomes afraid. “He’ll leave me for another woman. He’s gonna hurt me.” She then tries to give less love in order to protect herself.

Now, how about her man? He does the same, wondering, and starts guessing.

I think you’ve already known the ending. They both will try to love less. Until one day, love becomes that unfamiliar thing in their hearts. I guess this is why we rarely find happy old couples. It’s because we’re too afraid to love. We’re afraid that loving someone so much will hurt us. We’re wrong. Love doesn’t hurt us. It hurts when we no longer have love in our hearts.

So, starting from now, you better choose no. 1: to love more. (And in this case I think you have also known the ending).

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