Friday, December 28, 2012

Randomly Doing Random New Things

Merry Christmas! HO HO HO!
And also happy holidays. What’s your plan?

Lately I’ve been doing some new random things. I have so much fun.
First, I learn calligraphy. I made these birthday cards for my friends. They were disappointed. True story.

Second, I learn caricature. It’s because my friend wanted to give his senior a happy-resign gift, and he asked me whether I can make caricature. Actually, I don’t. I love drawing and painting, but never made caricature before. But well, I decided to try. I used watercolor on canson paper. This is the result. I won’t be there when he gives this to his senior, but I hope there will be no disappointed face. Amen.

And the last random thing is: I learn origami. Okay, this is way too random, but I saw a diagram to make a pretty flower from a piece of paper. It was pretty complicated at the first try, but finally I made it! Cute, right? I’m gonna make some more and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers. No, it's not a promise.

I made them from used paper (Go, Green, go!) and painted them. I took a photo of my watercolor and the palettes. I never washed them. Tips: just let it dry, you only need to drop some water the next time.

Well, enjoy your holiday by randomly doing random new things! I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with what you can (or can’t) do! J

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