Saturday, November 3, 2012

Korean Movies, A Company Man and A Werewolf Boy

I love watching movies and TV series. When I watch them, I can forget my problems for a moment and just think about someone else's problems. Haha. The good thing is, their problems are always solved, not like mine... :'(

There are some movies I've been waiting to watch, So Ji Sub's 'A Company Man' and Song Joong Ki's 'A Werewolf Boy'. They have premiered in Korean, but I don't know when I can watch it here in Indonesian theatre.

I've been So Ji Sub's fan since high school, I first saw him in 'Sorry, I Love You', and I've watched almost all his moviess and dramas ever since. The last one is 'Ghost' (drama), but my all time favorite is 'Always' (movie), with Han Hyo Joo.

So Ji Sub in 'Ghost'

So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo in 'Always' 

As for Song Joong Ki, I first saw him in Running Man, and lately I'm watching him in 'Nice Guy' as Kang Maru. I read an article about his new film 'A Werewolf Boy', watched the trailer, fell in love with the soundtrack (John Park - Childlike), and found myself waiting for this movie. I really can't wait. I also read that the 'A Werewolf Boy' and 'Skyfall' premiered on the same day in Korea and 'A Werewolf Boy' won over 'Skyfall'. Song Joong Ki must have been proud.

Well, while I'm waiting for this movie to premier in Indonesia, I've been doing some searching and found some good pictures that can be used as wallpapers. I use one for my laptop background. Enjoy :)

Update: I've finally watched A Company Man. The story was... so so, it was mostly gunshots and blood, but So Ji Sub did a great job (of course). I hope he will pick funny or playful or cheerful character for his next project. It's a side of him that he always shows during interview but not in the movies and dramas, so... maybe a character that's similar to So Ji Sub himself? One quote I like from the movie: Don't work your life away. (Okay, So Ji Sub-ssi? kekeke)

Update 2: Waiting for the subtitle for A Werewolf Boy feels like forever, but finally I can find it. Even it's still not 100%, but it's enough, so I watched the movie yesterday. I love Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young's acting, they're both still young (and look good together btw), but they did great. The story is predictable but still it's fun to watch when you have 2 hours to kill (Song Joong Ki is always a good choice). Now, where can I get my own werewolf boy?


  1. Great post! I love reading your post especially the korean movie werewolf boy.

    1. Aw thank you Filebook! I'm happy knowing at least there's someone reading my posts kekeke~

  2. Gosh, those are my idol stars. So Ji Sub and Soong Joong Gi. Really nice post!

    1. Thank you! I agree, they are both great actors! :)


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