Monday, January 28, 2013

Blackpepper Resto & Cafe, Es Campur Pa Oyen

Yesterday I went to this resto called Blackpepper, located at Jalan Maulana Yusuf 10. It has been there for quite a long time, and despite its close location to my high school, I have visited that place only once, about 3 years ago. So yesterday was the second time I went there, to hang out and celebrate my friend's birthday.

I was not sure what to order. They provide various kinds of food: Indonesian, Western, Japanese. I was in the mood for steak, so I order "Uncle Jack the Ripper", 2 slices of tenderloin steak, 100 gr each, with poached (?) egg, baked potato, vegetables, and sauce. 

I asked "medium well" cooking level, but the meat was not as tender as I expected, maybe next time I'll ask for "medium". The sauce tasted more like garlic than blackpepper, and for me it was a bad news. I hate garlic. The egg was like a poached egg, but then again it wasn't, so I'm not sure what to call it. However, I think I picked the wrong main course. 

My friend ordered this Prince Harry Prime Steak, 250 gr tenderloin steak with french fries and vegetables and sauce (which tasted similar to mine). It's bigger than mine, the price was also more expensive. I had a bite, the meat was more tender, I think it's because my friend asked "medium". Or maybe the meat quality was different?

My other friend ordered this Indonesian food: grilled oxtail on a hotplate with soup, rice, and melinjo crackers (emping), I forgot the name on the menu. My friend said it was delicious.

We also order beverages, most of us order mocktail drinks, but I didn't take pictures (again). My mocktail's name is Mineka, mango-blackberry-vanilla ice cream, and it tasted great and refreshing. 

Maybe the best thing about his place is that they give generous discount to certain credit cards holders, so you can eat steak at pretty low prices. Ha!

Blackpepper Resto & Cafe
Jalan Maulana Yusuf 10, Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 4206147

Then, we went to our high school (it's been a while, Aloy!), parked the car there and crossed the street. My school is now surrounded by a LOT of clothing stores, known as distro, one of Bandung's popular tourist attractions.

As usual, we have saved some space for dessert. We spotted a food court named "Kumpul Kumpul", we bought Es Campur Pa Oyen and kue ape (or you may call it kue tete if you like), my favorite traditional Indonesian street food ~ Yummm!

Es Campur Pa Oyen. I wonder what Pa Oyen looks like.

The famous kue ape

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