Monday, January 21, 2013

Noah's Barn Coffeenery, Revisited

Yesterday my friend and I went to my favorite coffee shop, Noah’s Barn Coffeenery. I’ve made a post about that place before, but it was before the renovation. Now the place is larger, which is a good news, so you can go there with all your friends and family. So here’s one more post about Noah’s Barn. Well, maybe there will be more in the future because I go there a lot.

One of the nice things about that place is that the owner and the baristas are also super nice and friendly, so you can ask anything about the menus and, of course, about coffee. There are a lot of methods to make coffee, so if you have little knowledge about coffee (like me), the menus may seem confusing, but they will kindly explain everything to you.

This “confusing” menus, however, is also a good thing, because it means they can make coffee using various methods. This place is like heaven for coffee lovers, and for me, this place smells like heaven. *sniff sniff*

I ordered cappuccino hazelnut, and my friend ordered mocha. The barista made cute latte art for us cute ladies. I’m sorry.

You can also order some cake and pasta. 

This is Black Russian Something (forgive my poor memory). Yummy! It tastes like rhum and chocolate and vanilla and some happiness in between. I ate a spoonful before taking the pic, I'm sorry I forgot  I just can't wait.

This is the lasagna. Also yummy. The portion is not-too-big-not-too-little, everything is just perfect.
I think can spend all day here, having quality time with my best friends, or myself (someday soon).

Noah’s Barn Coffeenery
Jl. Laks. M. U. Nurtanio (Garuda) no. 39
Bandung, Indonesia

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