Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Project #1: Hand Painted Mug

About two weeks ago I made a “things-to-do-in-2013” list. I made it to keep me motivated because I’ve been bored with my routine lately. One of the things to do this year is to make 5 things from my “things-to-make” list (Yes, I made a lot of lists). I have saved some picture and DIY projects from a lot of awesome blogs around the world and promised myself to make them when I have the time.

The difficult thing about living in my city is there are a lot of things I need but unavailable. Luckily last week my friend went to Singapore so I asked him to help me buy some things I need.

Actually I wanted to buy a porcelain marker, but he couldn’t find it. It turned out that thing is not only hard to find in Bandung but also in Singapore. But he found this “Uni Super Ink Marker”, which is a permanent marker, and it’s written there: “Writes on all kinds of surface. For use on: fabric, craft tape, plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc.” Close enough. And it's pretty cheap: 1.95 SGD.

And then using this marker, I made a hand painted mug...

Unfortunately, the ink was not permanent on porcelain. I tried to scratch it and the ink came off. I painted it again and put it on my desk…

I think baking the mug for some time in the oven will make the ink more permanent, I should try it soon~ I'll let you know the result! But if you want to make yours I suggest you to use a porcelain marker from Pebeo.

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