Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shinhwa Sang Live on Chinese Idol, Just So You Know

“What a weird post title. You’re talking about Shinhwa, so of course they sang live. They always do.”

Shinhwa is known for their live performances. Okay, I know, if you’re not Shinhwa Changjo, you may not know that and you may even think that they do lip sync while performing live, but that misunderstanding can only happen because they sing so well. There are a lot of singers and idol groups who use lip-synching on live performances especially when they have to dance from the beginning to the end of the songs, but let me tell you, Shinhwa is not one of them.

Shinhwa performing This Love on Mnet's MCountdown

Of course singing live has a big risk because mistakes can happen, but Shinhwa chooses to take the risk. They made a lot of mistakes during these past 15 years, there were a lot of incidents during their live performances, but they never stopped Shinhwa from showing their professionalism on music programs, concerts etc, and we know Shinhwa learned a lot from all those incidents and now they can even laugh while talking about what happened. (Who can ever forget that moment when Hyesungie kicked a pitiful camera?)

Those live performances on all those countless stages are the reason they now become the respected sunbaenims among idol groups. That’s also why Shinhwa Changjo love watching EACH PERFORMANCE of Shinhwa, because each performance is special, fresh, precious, “now-or-never”, you can always find new little details if you watch closely. You can watch all performances for one song and feel differently for each of them. That’s why they’re addictive, that’s why they received so much love for a long, long time.

So, yes, I know why Shinhwa Changjo are mad after watching Chinese Idol. I am mad too.
Shinhwa sang (of course) live on that show. There were a lot of SHCJs during the recording, that’s why there were also a lot of fancam videos uploaded, even before the show was broadcasted. I saw the videos (mostly the ones titled ‘Eric Focus’ ^^ - I love everything ‘Eric Focus’) and really couldn’t wait to see the broadcast of the show. Not only me, I think all SHCJs were excited to see the show after seeing all those fancam videos. But all those anticipations turned bitter. They replaced Shinhwa’s live singing with CD sound and (this is what made made SHCJs mad) Shinhwa got scolded because of something they didn’t do… (lip sync). The local media even reported some defaming articles: "Korea Famous Group Shinhwa went on Chinese Idol. Got exposed of doing lip sync.. fans started "scolding" war", "Shinhwa lip sync, Group quality questioned!"

pic from weibo

Non-fans said bad things about Shinhwa after the broadcast, and SHCJs tried to prove them wrong and someone even replaced the sound from the broadcast with the sound from the fancam. But, you know, will those people watch it? Will they take time to watch the unedited fancam videos (which they are now trying to ban)? I’m not so sure. They didn’t even take time to find the truth before saying disgraceful things about Shinhwa.


I feel like we’re talking to ignorant people who won’t listen and can only say bad things about other people without knowing the facts.

*watching Shinhwa’s live performance on MUST to calm myself down*

This is just ridiculous and totally disrespectful. Blaming victims is not only unfair but also inhumane, you just can’t do that.

*long sigh* *watching Shinhwa’s live performance on You and I to calm myself down again*

By the way, other than This Love, Shinhwa also performed Brand New on the show but it was not broadcasted. You can watch it here. They sang live, and it was perfect. I don't know why it was broadcasted...

Sorry for this rambling post, I just somehow need to let this out.

Let's vogue dance away our anger~~~


  1. I only found out today about this lip-sync accusation and your post clarified it a lot.
    I also want to ask permission to save your "Keep Calm and vogue dance" and post it on tumblr because its so cute and needs to be shared :D May I?

  2. You're welcome, chii, it's my pleasure :))
    And of course you may, glad you like it ^^

  3. Just got back to your blog again now. Thank you!!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely article! I have one question though: Shinhwa hasn't always sung live, have they? I thought I remembered hearing that they weren't allowed to in the beginning (aka broadcast stations and/or the company didn't allow them to whether they wanted it or not). Is there any truth to that? I know I've seen one performance that they are obviously lip-synching and messing around with it (Junjin and Hyesung switch parts XD). If you know, please let me know!

    1. You're welcome ^^ and yes, actually there was a lip sync era for Shinhwa back then (and you're right, they made it obvious XD).. I don't know what the real reason was and when exactly that era ended but since then singing live has kinda become their "identity" and that's why their live performances are mentioned all the time while talking about Shinhwa :))


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