Friday, July 12, 2013

Shinhwa's Eric Mun Look Alike (?)

I saw this picture of Shinhwa's Eric Mun...

Eric Mun looks like 민영익 (Min Yeong Ik) from Joseon Dynasty

And watched SNL Korea where Eric wore this Joseon Era outfit...


But... wait... isn't that Tukul Arwana? (Indonesian comedian) They look exactly the same... Or is there something wrong with my eyes?

Min Yeong Ik and Tukul Arwana O_O

But... if that's the case then...

Eric Mun looks like Tukul Arwana ?????

Andwaeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ Nooooo~~~~~~ *in denial*

*... Googling more Eric's pics to make sure they don't look alike*

Eric Mun - jTBC's Shinhwa Broadcast

Pffft... What was I thinking? I'm sorry Eric, for thinking of those stupid thoughts..

Conclusion: Shinhwa's Eric Mun doesn't look like Tukul Arwana


  1. AHAHAHAHA that black & white pic of old man Eric with make-up and all does look a tad similar.... XD

    Phew for the conclusion :P

  2. Apparently i'm not the only one who think about this..
    Man, Eric and Tukul is just like Heaven and Hell..


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