Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go Green and Red (part 2)

After my first experience growing indoor plant, I bought another cute growing kit several days ago. Because the last time my tomato plant grew really big and tall, I needed to change the pot and put it outside. So it was no longer an indoor plant...

And sadly, after giving birth (?) to some cute baby tomatoes, the mother (?) died.

Learning from that experience, I decided to buy something simpler... and I bought ryegrass. Well, honestly I LOVE the london bus planter so I didn't really think much before buying it. Actually I bought two and gave one to my friend.

My ryegrass actually grows faster than I expected. And it's so cute.

5 days old ryegrass

If you want to grow yours too, you can find it at ACE Hardware (Indonesia) for less than Rp 40000. There are other options too.. although I think this one is the cutest~ kkkk.

It's really nice to see something green in your your when you open your eyes in the morning!

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