Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doodling on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

So I know Galaxy Note 2 is not something new, and even Galaxy Note 3 is coming soon, but I just bought it last week because my Blackberry was broken. And because BBM will be available for android too, I decided to buy Galaxy Note 2. Galaxy Note 2 has S Pen and large screen, that's why I prefer it to Galaxy S4.

For the sake of my job, I looked for drawing application for my phone, and after some googling I decided to download several (of-course-free) apps, trying them all, and I fell in love with SketchBook X.

I supposed to use this drawing app to make my work as an architect and designer easier, but I ended up making these...

Anyway I really love my new phone and please look forward for more doodles later ~

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