Thursday, August 8, 2013

K-Drama to Watch: The Master's Sun

So... did you see it? The first episode was aired last night. And So Ji Sub is gorgeous. But this is not why I'm writing this post...

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Okay maybe it is.

So Ji Sub oozes his charisma as usual... So Ganji indeed! His character in this drama is Joo Jong Won (Joo Goon), an arrogant jerk ambitious CEO who hates 2 things: people who touch his money, and people who touch his body. He used to have a woman he loves but she died in front of him and he still can't forget her. He becomes a cold man who only cares about making money.

And then there's Gong Hyo Jin. Her character is a woman named Tae Gong Sil (Tae Yang) who can see ghosts after an accident happened to her. Ghosts keep following her everywhere, asking her to help them doing this and that, until one day she met Joo Goon. Strangely, everytime she touches him, the ghosts suddenly disappear. But of course, Joo Goon hates her. (It always starts like that in korean drama, so no surprises.)

The first episode mainly described the personality of the main characters, their first encounter, their first impressions of each other. And then there were also stories about other people (and ghosts) that Tae Yang helped.

Anyway, the start was pretty good. The ghosts' appearance disturbs me a little... but maybe it's supposed to. Can't wait to see more interactions between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin tonight. Love their chemistry. But then again, Gong Hyo Jin always has good chemistry with her acting partners, doesn't she?


  1. hi to watch this movie? been searching for online watching but seems not available to be watched by our region. (sob..sob..) TQ dear

    1. TQ so much dear...i already asked my fanatic Kdrama friend to download it. daebak!


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