Monday, August 19, 2013

Jdrama to Watch: Summer Nude

Well I should've posted last month but I was distracted by too many kdramas I'm watching. Actually, before being a kdrama fan, I was a jdrama fan, and one of the most memorable dorama I have watched is Nobuta wo Produce. The drama successfully turned me into Yamapi's (Yamashita Tomohisa) fan and I have watched all his doramas since then. (and some older doramas he was in)

Yamapi and Kamenashi Kazuya in Nobuta wo Produce

So yes, Yamapi and I go way back. I really enjoy watching all his dramas: Dragon Zakura, Code Blue, Kurosagi, Buzzer Beat, etc... I especially love Proposal Daisakusen (which was later remade into a kdrama Operation Proposal, yeah, Yoo Seung Ho). However, I enjoy Yamapi's old dramas more than his recent ones, The Ending Planner and Monters. Maybe because of the genre?

Yamapi and Masami Nagasawa in Proposal Daisakusen, my all time favorite jdrama

So, when I heard that Yamapi would be back with a romance - comedy, I was so excited. Plus, for this drama, he would act along Erika Toda and Masami Nagasawa (who are Yamapi's acting partner in Code Blue and Proposal Daisakusen), and Karina Nose (the woman in jdrama Priceless). What a star-studded drama!

Toda Erika - Yamapi - Karina Nose - Masami Nagasawa in Summer Nude

6 episodes have been aired so far, so I guess it will end soon. I have only watched until ep 4, and I like it! I haven't watched any jdramas lately because nothing seems interesting, so I'm glad I can start again with this one. Light, entertaining, yet meaningful.

So, what's this drama about?

Love, friendship, and half-naked Yamapi summer on the beach. 

Asahi (Yamapi) is a photographer. His girlfriend, Kasumi (Masami Nagasawa), left him without saying goodbye but he believes that she will actually come back for him so he can't forget him. He has a close friend, Hanae (Erika Toda), who has been falling in love with him for 10 years, waiting for him to forget Kasumi, always be there for him whenever he needs someone to share his sadness, but unfortunately Asahi never sees her more than a friend. 

Asahi and Hanae

One day Asahi is hired to be a photographer at a wedding, where he met the bride, Natsuki (Karina Nose), who was left at the altar. Natsuki is a chef but she quit her job before the wedding, so after the wedding is called off, Natsuki became unemployed, and she was drowned in sadness. Then one day Asahi asked her to come to his town and work in a local restaurant on the beach during summer... Natsuki met Hanae and become close friends, and together, they try to make Asahi forget his first love.

And yes, Natsuki will then fall for Asahi too. 

Yamapi and Natsuki

I actually still can't guess whom Asahi will choose. I also don't know whether Kasumi will be back or not to add my confusion. That happens when you watch a star-studded drama, you don't know who will end up with who because everyone looks important.

I personally hope Asahi will end up with Hanae. Waiting for someone for 10 years? I feel you, Hanae, I feel you. That only happens in drama, though. But then again Asahi always see Hanae as a friend, and he gets close with Natsuki quickly. I have bad feeling about this.

Well you should watch the drama and let's just see how everything will turn up ~ Enjoy!


  1. Helloo.. I'm agree with your review. I'm really like Nobuta Wo Produce, and I'm not expect that actor Yamapi on Summer Nude is the same actor on Nobuta Wo Wroduce. He's act really different, as naughty boy on Nobuta Wo Produce and Cool boy on Summer Nude. And I more like yamapi cause he's handsome on Summer Nude as Asahi. :D By the way I just watch Summer Nude yesterday
    Do you have some request japan drama series to watch like this movie?

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply!^^
      You're right, he's grown up really well, from a cute boy to a sexy man. Haha.
      Have you watched Rich Man Poor Woman (Rich Oguri Shun and Poor Satomi Ishihara)? It's a nice drama to watch! ^^


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