Sunday, June 9, 2013

K-Movie to Watch: Castaway on the Moon (2009)

You need to see this. You really HAVE to see this.

Castaway on the Moon is one of the best Korean movies I’ve seen so far. It’s weird, fun, unique, colorful, and beautiful. It’s not like any other Korean movies I’ve seen. It’s just awesomely different.

It’s actually a pretty old movie, from 2009, and I don’t know why I’ve never heard about this movie before. How can it take 4 years for me to accidentally find this movie?

Anyway, luckily I finally did and I’m writing this post right away after finished watching the movie. I feel the urge to tell every movie lovers out there to watch this awesome movie, because it deserves it.
I read in the Wikipedia that this movie got a lot of awards, and now I know why. The story is great, the cinematography pleases my eyes, I have no bad words for this movie. I can say I enjoy every second of this 2 hour long movie.

This movie is actually just a story about two people: Male Kim and Female Kim.

Male Kim (Jung Jae Young)  tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge to Han River, but he ended up in a conservation island named Bam Island, where no one lives. He wrote ‘HELP’ on the beach and screamed for rescue, but nothing worked. He tried to hang himself but then changed his mind, he tried to survive in the island and he actually started to enjoy his life alone. He changed ‘HELP’ to ‘HELLO’, and one day, he found a message in a bottle: ‘HELLO’.

Female Kim (Jung Ryeo Won) is addicted to Cyber World and she never leaves her room. She also loves to take pictures of moon at night using her camera. One day she saw ‘HELP’ written on the beach of Bam Island, and spotted a weird man in the island. She began to observe the man every day. 

When the man changed ‘HELP’ to ‘HELLO’, she decided to go out of her room and send him a ‘HELLO’. Male Kim and Female Kim start communicating with their own unique way.

Ok, I'm not gonna spoil it so you better watch it yourself! Right now!

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