Monday, June 3, 2013

Shinhwa is Coming to Indonesia !!!!!!!

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was wondering what should I do with all these paintings of Shinhwa members, and then I signed in to Twitter and read this: The first M Countdown Halo Indonesia is Shinhwa.

I almost had a heart attack.

Whaaaaaat? Shinhwa is coming? Eric Mun is coming!

 Eric Mun is the best

There's no official confirmation from Shinhwa Company yet, but it was a tweet from the promotor, and seeing that it's one of the reliable promotors who has held a lot of concerts before, I think I can safely assume that Shinhwa is really coming here!

Should I be a proper fangirl and buy the ticket, wait for them at the airport just to steal a glance, join the other fans, and hunt Shinhwa members? Should I try to meet them and give them these paintings? Should I go to that extent and be crazy just once in a lifetime? *Shinhwa's Once In A Lifetime playing in the background*

My head is going to burst.

Update: Shinhwa is really coming to Indonesia for MCountdown halo Indonesia, it's confirmed. For me, an important meeting is also confirmed for July 3rd. Great. Now excuse me, I need to go to cry in the bathroom.

Update2: Bad news, people, bad news. MCountdown Halo Indonesia has been cancelled. Some say it's due to 'local circumstances', some say the local organizer is unable to hold the concert as planned. However until now there are still no official confirmations yet, neither from the said local organizer nor MNet, while fans who have bought concert tickets, plane tickets etc continue to ask for more explanation about this sudden cancellation.

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