Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Korean Drama to Watch: Shark

Shark. Don’t imagine a survival drama about human-eating shark, this drama is actually NOT about shark (It's on KBS2, not Discovery Channel). It tells a story about revenge, starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Yen Jin.

I don’t watch all episodes of Kim Nam Gil’s previous drama Bad Guy (I originally wanted to, but accidentally saw the frustrating ending and at the end decided not to), but somehow, I feel something similar between these two dramas… My first impression after watching the first episode is… it’s a dark, mysterious, depressing drama, with a good, strong plot and scenario.

I actually hope Kim Nam Gil would pick a different role for his comeback after serving in military, so to be honest I’m a little disappointed. But still, let’s check up on him.

Kim Nam Gil is Han Yi Soo in this drama. He lost his family and wants to take revenge to those responsible. Unfortunately, taking revenge to them also means he has to hurt the woman he loves, Jo Hae Woo (Son Ye Jin). You know where this story is going, right?

I've watched four episodes of this drama, and so far I can say I unexpectedly enjoy this drama a lot. I hope this drama won't be one of those dramas who have strong first impression and then turn boring in the later episodes. 

Ah, do you watch Shining Inheritance? Yun Joon Suk, who played Han Hyo Joo’s autistic brother in that drama is all grown up now. Well, not that grown up, I mean, he acted as young Kim Nam Gil (I know, I know, they don’t look alike, but there will be an explanation), but still, in Shining Inheritance he looked like a little helpless boy (he did great, talented young actor) and now he looks like a real man who protects his first love and of course (?), good at fighting.

Honestly this kind of drama is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may like it, some may sleep while watching it. My suggestion is: if you have enough problems yourself, I think you might like something lighter and brighter. But if you like a drama about revenge, hatred, painful love, Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin, I know you definitely won’t miss this drama.

I know right, who cares about the plot if you love the cast? Noone. Especially when there's an eye candy like model & actor Lee Soo Hyuk in the drama.

See? It no longer looks like a dark, depressing, and mysterious drama anymore, right? ^^ 
Enjoy the drama!

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