Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking at Shinhwa, Getting Old Doesn't Seem Like a Bad Thing

Shinhwa is the longest running South Korean boyband. They're one of the first idol generation, debuted in March 1998 as six-member idol group: Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin, and Andy Lee. Now, 15 years later, they're still going strong in entertainment industry in Korea, and the six members are still together.

Shinhwa (신화) literally means legend, myth. But for Shinhwa Changjo (SHCJ - fans of Shinhwa), Shinhwa means more than that. Of course, Shinhwa is legendary. Being the longest running idol group in Korea itself is legendary. Most idol groups disband after 5 years, or at least have change of member.

Shinhwa has an exact formula: 6-1=0. Without one member, Shinhwa is not Shinhwa, Without one member, Shinhwa is nothing. That's why, Shinhwa means more than the definition anyone can find in dictionary or wikipedia. For Shinhwa Changjo, Shinhwa means friendship, family, togetherness. That's also why you can't find Shinhwa Changjo who likes only a member of Shinhwa. Because loving Shinhwa means loving all six of the members, not less, but maybe more (together with their managers ^^).

Of course, SHCJs have their own most favorite member. I personally like Eric Mun. Honestly, I didn't really pay attention to Shinhwa because I'm not a big fan of K-Pop, but I love watching korean dramas. Eric (Mun Jung Hyuk) is an actor, and I first saw him in Myung Wol The Spy (2011). Mun Jung Hyuk brings me to Shinhwa, I mean, because of him, I got to know Shinhwa. I can say that I like actor Mun Jung Hyuk at first, but then after knowing Shinhwa, I like Shinhwa's Eric more. The charismatic leader with 4D personality. 

Shinhwa's Eric in his own world

I like seeing Eric Mun's role as a part of Shinhwa more than any roles he had in all his dramas (I've managed to catch up and watch them all). 

Actor Mun Jung Hyuk

And thanks to Eric (and Shinhwa Broadcast and internet), I got to know Shinhwa. The words "got to know" is actually the beginning of it all, because the more you know Shinhwa, the more you'll love them. And you just can't stop. Just like Shinhwa members say that they will be together as long as they live, I'm sure SHCJs will keep supporting and loving Shinhwa as long as the members stay together as Shinhwa (read: forever).

Orange, Shinhwa's color

Ah, actually I can't confidently say that I am Shinhwa Changjo. I mean those words somehow make me feel intimidated. Shinhwa is 15 years old, and I've been a fan of Shinhwa for only less than two years. There's this feeling that not anyone can be Shinhwa Changjo. There's a pride in being one, it's an honor to be one, I mean, look at how they love and support Shinhwa for all those years, not anyone can just do that. Moreover, look at how big Shinhwa's love to each Shinhwa Changjo is. Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo has bittersweet, long lasting relationship, that many people are envious of.

Three hearts for Shinhwa Changjo

"Shinhwa is not responsible for your life" - Kim Dongwan. A famous quote that shows how much they actually care about their fans. That's why SHCJs who get good marks at school, get into good university, have successful career, always proudly show them off to Shinhwa, and that also makes Shinhwa proud. How cute is that?

Being a relatively new fan of Shinhwa, I'm curious about how they were during those old times, I always try to look for what I've missed. In those old videos, they looked so young, powerful, and energetic. Also cute. Haha. But, I like it more now that they look more experienced, mature and charismatic in their latest album The Classic. Looking at them, I think, "Ah, getting old is not a bad thing." I can see all their hard work during all those times has made them into who they are right now, the cooler, better Shinhwa.

Their new album gets 8 1st place trophies so far, breaking a new record that was previously held by Yo! from their 2nd album. This is the second peak of their career, where they surprise all SHCJs and K-Pop lovers and critics by doing something that no idol groups have done before: vogue dance. They bring out fresh, sexy performance, showing how they always challenge themselves and set a new trend. Once again, they show the cooler, better Shinhwa.

I can't wait for more surprises coming from those six awesome men, and I'm sure all SHCJs are anticipating for them too. 신화산!


  1. Ditto, KDrama's introduced me to K-Pop :) <3

  2. Their generation was the best! Shinwa jjang!

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  3. Tbh i love shinhwa I've been watching them for 16 years when they first debuted. These six had made a huge impact in my life, they were my role model while growing up. I'm very glad that i grew up knowing them. Shcj


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