Saturday, June 15, 2013


Ah… this week is the last week we can see Shinhwa on music programs… Well, they will perform in MCountdown Halo Indonesia on July 3, but they already had their goodbye stages, the last one is today on MBC's Music Core. I’m a little sad especially because Shinhwa Broadcast will take a break too to prepare a new season, and Shinhwa will be busy with their Asia tour. I’ll definitely miss them, but they also need some time to take a break and get enough sleep, right? Recently Eric has big bags under his sexy eyes. He looks tired, sleepwalking to TV station with yellow pillow around his neck. I know it’s cute, but still, he looks best when he’s full of energy and smiling brightly.

This year’s comeback is awesome. Both Shinhwa and SHCJs are happy. Shinhwa thanked SHCJs for the support, and I want to thank Shinhwa for all those wonderful, beautiful, sexy performances. You’ve worked hard, Shinhwa, and it’s all paid off. You did great and got the recognition you deserve. Now go home, drink some tonic, and go get yourselves some sleep, Ahjussis. Kekeke~

Ah, I submit this cartoon to mwave, please vote for it here! Thank you! ^^

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